Executive Chef Martha Wright

Glimpsing life inside a professional kitchen while trekking through Australia post-university hooked home grown Executive Chef Martha Wright on contemporary cuisine and reeled her in to her destiny as an industry leader listed on Joanne Kates’ “best of”.

Returning home to study at George Brown enabled her to train in Italy, where she learned the essential value of fresh quality ingredients that continues to fuel
Martha’s culinary passions. After apprenticing alongside world-renowned chefs at some of Toronto’s finest restaurants JUMP and Avalon, as well as a stint at San
Francisco’s Jardinier, she successfully blended all she learned to open critically acclaimed seafood destination Starfish listed as one of Toronto Life’s Top 10 restaurants in 2003, followed by Frank at the Art Gallery of Ontario a few years later.

Demonstrating a conscious respect for production, Martha takes pride in thinking globally and shopping locally. She is passionate about all things seasonal, sustainable, regional, and organic. She takes to heart her culinary responsibilities to utilize only the finest ingredients, getting her hands dirty foraging for fresh seasonal herbs, sourcing regional organic produce, filling wine cellars from Ontario vineyards, and insisting on wild rather than farmed seafood.

Making sure that all aspects of food service in Toronto are well tended, she has lent her talents to support and strengthen the industry’s skilled workforce at Hawthorne
Food and Drink, helping others work their way to high standard professional careers.

Martha continues to impress everyone winning accolades from critics, including
Joanne Kates who placed her on a “best of” lists, recognition from industry colleagues being awarded a Fellow of the Ontario Hostelry Institute, and admiration as an inspiration by rising star chefs around the City and beyond who credit her mentorship in their own success.

Stratus is thrilled to have Chef Martha Wright on board offering our clients her creative take on comfortable fare and wholesome dishes: familiar dishes and mouthwatering pastries prepared with a respect for the palate that only a top chef can offer.

Martha Wright, Executive Chef
416-865-1924 x5225