Chef de Partie

Position: Chef de Partie

Pay: CA$21.00 - CA$23.00 per hour plus tip out ($2.50 - $4 per hour)*

Tip out varies according to the business levels of the restaurant.

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent

Job Description:

Stratus Restaurant is looking for Chef de Partie with the ability to perform following duties:

1. Delivers food quality, presentation, cleanliness and proper conduct consistency as per company procedures

2. Properly measures and portions all food items. Complies with all portion sizes, quality standards.

3. Cooks all food to proper specifications in a timely manner. Oversees all kitchen staff food preparation frequently.

4. Utilizes kitchen equipment and ensures proper equipment handling.

5. Ensures proper food temperatures are maintained and food is stored correctly.

6. Ensures freshness and quality of all menu items.

7. Packages all products to proper specifications.

8. Performs opening, closing and side work duties as instructed and according proper guidelines. 

9. Keeps workstation and equipment clean, organized, sanitized, and sufficiently stocked.

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